Vintage charm in the bedroom

In the following bedrooms you can breathe vintage on all four sides. There are objects in which the passage of time has left its mark in a clear way and there is also a retro atmosphere full of color. The proposals that we present are bright and clear spaces where is this vintage charm manifests itself through very various details .

Vintage style rooms 1

This is clearly seen in the first two images, where the careless appearance of some decorative nuances becomes expressive and flattering. Vintage is a added value in decoration , giving it a risky, fresh and most spontaneous effect. The final atmospheres of these rooms seem in some cases removed from another time for its unique style.

Vintage style rooms 2

Vintage style rooms 3

Not only vintage shines on worn surfaces, we can find objects / details of this style in perfect condition. It is the case of watches with a little modern appearance, mirrors with frames impossible, prints all types, little tables 'Sixties' and up Beds on metal structures that are rarely seen in current homes.

Vintage style rooms 4

Vintage style rooms 5

The trunks They are fetish objects for lovers of vintage and give that effect as few accessories do. Also they Floral prints they achieve different atmospheres, that sometimes also remember the style shabby chic . Pastel colors abound and those bed frames with bars and irons . Mirrors of all kinds and lamps with very different inspirations complete these vintage prints for bedroom.

Vintage style rooms 6


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