Viennese palace style loft

Have you ever imagined living in a Viennese palace? This exclusive loft has been built on the roof of Malmö Palace, one of the most exclusive in the Austrian city. Taking advantage of this structure, an entire part of the singular building has been reformed into four lofts of design, respecting its original architecture, which is why the details of a sumptuous palace abound.

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Each apartment is a unique piece, with its own details that welcome its visitors and make them part of it. The modern design and amplified spaces house very well with the details of rose windows, baseboards, incredible vertigo ceilings and its Viennese-style chimneys.

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Viennese palace-style loft-03

This is one of those magnificent details offered by its ceilings: mosaics in restored wood, a true ceiling typical of the era of the great emperors. Unique in its kind.

Viennese palace-style loft-04

The modernist design contrasts with the relic in relief of the fireplace. It really has been a great idea to adopt this classic space to make homes with a unique and opulent personality.

Viennese palace-style loft-05

The kitchen is one of the most spectacular pieces of this house. Fully equipped with everything you need, the interior design of this loft is closer to the styles of Scandinavian homes due to the constant use of white, parquet flooring and the use of space. Attention to detail of the ceiling in which the aristocratic brand is appreciated.

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Loft in the style of the Viennese palace-07

Viennese palace-style loft-08

The minimalist bathroom features a very modern and attractive minimao finish. The laundry area is separated by glass sliding doors, with a lot of style.

Viennese palace-style loft-09

Viennese palace style loft-010

The bedroom, furnished with the minimum, stands out for its spaciousness and the beauty of its windows with built-in arch. A dream within the reach of very few: living in an authentic renovated palace.

Viennese palace-style loft-011


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