Valentine's decoration in a few minutes

One of the most romantic dates of the year is approaching and it is time to start thinking about decoration. However, it may be possible that, due to lack of time or budget, we can not carry out what we originally had in mind. Now this does not have to become a problem. There are alternatives "Low-cost" and very easy to do if we really are short of time and money. Thanks to these proposals, Valentine will remain a key day in the calendar for all lovers, also for decoration.

Decorative ideas Valentine 1

Let's see some proposals to incorporate in different spaces of the house. For example, if you plan to celebrate a romantic or special dinner, either with your partner or with more friends, the table It is a key point that should not be overlooked. And here come into play many accessories that can be very good with the guests, and we can prepare in a short time.

Decorative ideas Valentine 2

Candles to illuminate, red napkins , flower centers , hearts red cut out on cardboard as a garland or as a coaster ... Small details that will help you to have a special presentation but also does not involve large expenses.

Decorative ideas Valentine 3

Another idea that works very well is to decorate with colorful balloons , whether in the form of a heart or the balloons of always. A simple idea, but with which we will enliven the spaces. If you want to surprise your partner, you can hide a lot of balloons behind a door, a closet or in the bedroom, invite her to come by and wait to see her reaction ...

Decorative ideas Valentine 4

Decorative ideas Valentine 5

The bathroom is also a great place to pay tribute to Cupid. A bubble bath surrounded by candles , petals , massage oils, champagne and some other gift are easy to prepare and you will undoubtedly have a good memory of this day. As we see, imagination is not at odds with time or money.

Decorative ideas Valentine 6


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