Valentine's Day: Ideas to decorate

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day , approaches. On February 14, it is perhaps the most romantic date and one of the most important dates of the year in the life of a couple. That day we all want to celebrate with our love, and whenever we can, it is good to surprise the loved one. It is for this reason, that thinking about the decor It is very appropriate. Today we propose to see some ideas to prepare for this special and romantic day.

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For many, the most important spaces to prepare are the room and the table for dinner or lunch. But we can also take other spaces as the room to decorate it in a romantic way.
The central colors of this celebration are doubt, red, pink and also fuchsia or honeysuckle , the latter, so fashionable in this 2011.
In the first example you can see that the bed has been filled with red and white cushions in different textures, and sizes. Without doubt, the center of the decoration and the most romantic touch of all is the heart of flower petals in the center and the loose petals that complete it. Is not it adorable???

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This second proposal for the room, is perhaps more modern and a decor that we can keep the rest of the year. With fashionable colors combined with white, the details are in the fabric headboard, the skirt of the bed and the small details in accessories to the tone, such as hangers, flowers, etc.

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A table for almorazar or dinner where they have placed precious accessories, full of color and romanticism. Cups, plates and napkins. A glass candle holder to the tone accompanies the decor from the glass showcase.

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A bed full of romantic surprises to share. Petals of roses, flowers, sweets, poems, surprises, chocolates, bath salts, bath foams to share a romantic moment together, candles, etc. This is a very good option, your partners will be delighted. Just look for everything to be shared . Some will even be encouraged to make the proposal of marriage on this date ...

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Some details for the centerpiece. We can recycle some of the details that remained of the end of the year parties to assemble romantic centerpieces.

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A renovated and very romantic room. Like the dining room, or in one of the rooms that we present to you, the white color has been taken as a base and added to it romantic touches color in curtains, cushions, vases, flowers and even can be in the carpets.

Valentine's_ Ideas to decorate-06

One last proposal for the room. It has worked exclusively in this headboard. In red cloth, with white betas, how old, two hearts have been drawn in paint for fabric and in the rest neutral colors have been maintained making the headboard the full protagonist.
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