Vacuums: make a smart choice

Every day, we live in our homes with dust and soot, which is deposited on floors, furniture, clothing ... Also with shoes, we transport millions of dangerous and harmful microorganisms, which is not enough to pass the broom and duster to combat them .

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According to Dr. Natalio Salmun, president of Fundaler (Foundation for the study of ASma and Allergies), the bugs that very commonly produce allergies, are mites. These critters live in the environmental dust, and they feed, among other things, on the scaling of human skin. To truly reduce the odds of allergy, the house should be cleaned with damp rags, using high-powered vacuum cleaners daily with adequate filters to keep mites away.
When choosing the vacuum cleaner, it is essential to choose the machine according to the following considerations:
  • Type of floor
  • Frequency of use
  • Space available for storage of the device.
For every situation, there is a vacuum cleaner. If you are interested, take note that we will guide you.
Vacuum cleaners with water filter: They have a wide variety of uses. Its concept is that water is the only filter, and is responsible for retaining all the particles inside without returning them to the environment. It serves as: environmental dust controller; deodorizing environment if you put an aromatic disinfectant essence; Upholstery cleaning tool, curtains, glasses, etc; plant sprayer The only counter we find is its high cost.
Small vacuum cleaner: Ideal for apartments, cabins, or small houses. Although it has less bag capacity, it occupies less space.
Silent vacuum cleaners: They can be used at any time, even at dawn. In case it is a person who keeps awake and starts cleaning it is ideal
Paper bag vacuum cleaners: They are hygienic and practical, because once the vacuum cleaner is used, the bag is thrown away.
Powerful Vacuums: Those whose engine has a power exceeding 1200 watts are those with the highest suction power. In this case we recommend choosing one with suction control since it is not the same to clean a carpeted floor, as a curtain voile.
Now they have the necessary information.

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