Uses of bamboo in the home

Bamboo is very well known, surely everyone in the house has some bamboo object, even if it's just a bowl or a cutting board or something else. Nowadays bamboo is installed in western life. But here we are going to talk about new uses that are being given to bamboo or its possibilities for the construction and decoration of houses are being studied.

Uses of bamboo 1

We talk about bamboo in general but the truth is that there are many types of bamboo and not all can be used in construction. For this use, varieties that have specific characteristics are required. It is also required to have a degree of maturity, so any type of bamboo that is used in construction must have a minimum age of between three and five years.

Uses of bamboo 2

The use of bamboo in the production of furniture is well known, we have all seen bamboo furniture for both interior and exterior. The bamboo is water resistant so it can be used outdoors, so it can be deduced that it can be used as we see in the image above to make finishes on the facade of a house for example. We may be shocked to see these flat finishes when we all know that bamboo is cylindrical, well there is a whole industry dedicated to the transformation of bamboo and we can buy bamboo wood boards for the construction of any decorative or furniture item.

Uses of bamboo 3

At least in the West there is still a long way to go in terms of the use of bamboo in construction, but not in Asia, which due to the traditional use of bamboo under construction, is being used to build bridges in China to skyscrapers in Hong Kong. .


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