Useful and stylish cups

Whether at home or at the office, cups and mugs are essential. To have a breakfast, share a coffee or have a good tea.
When we are in the office, thousands of times the cups are confused with those of our colleagues, or our children fight over which of them is each of them.
Well, with this proposal today, everyone will be able to choose theirs. The most original, the funniest and even the most useful.
1- Mug with agenda: for the most organized.


2- The cat or the bear: these fun cups are for both children and adults. When turning them over, the animal face is the base and it is crowded in its ears and snout.


3- Cake cup: for the most sophisticated and greedy girls. A beautiful and original cup shaped cake. When turning it over, the cherries that decorate it act as a base.


4- Cup with faces: for those who like fun things but not so flashy. These cups are really original and ideal for the office or the house. There is no way to get confused.


Which of these do you like most ???

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