Use the crystal in the decoration

The first use that the human being gave to glassware was to imitate precious stones and to make objects that were decorative. The texture and the chromatic possibilities of the glass make this material a perfect resource to decorate all kinds of places. Over time, the functional purpose of the glass was added to the purely decorative objective, and today no one is surprised to find bottles, vases, glasses and even tables of this material.

Use the glass in the decoration3

Given the similarity of its appearance, it is often said that some objects that are glass are actually glass. This difference, which lies in the structure of the atoms and molecules of each material, should not concern us when choosing accessories, since, in principle, what interests us are their aesthetic and practical qualities. However, we must know that glass objects are of higher quality, but also considerably more expensive than glass objects.
We also find in some houses some glass blocks that are used for decorating both the exterior and the interior of the house. The glass bricks work like a skylight. The glass tiles also do it that way. They are ideal to separate rooms or to decorate the facade of a house. This material, very resistant and easy to install, is suitable for very passable pavements that will also allow the passage of light to poorly lit or basements. Currently, you can find a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

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Use the glass in the decoration2

The glass can be found in many places in the house. From the windows and glassware of the table to fish tanks, vases or walls. This material manages to attract the gaze of people with their transparencies and brightness. Not in vain, traditionally have been attributed to this material magical properties. Profiting from this power of seduction and placing glass objects in different parts of the house is key to obtaining the best decorative result from it.
It is interesting to explore with different glass complements and give it new and original uses. For example, a fish tank can perform the functions of a flowerpot, while a tall glass, a glass or a bottle can contain a rose or a bouquet of flowers. Mirrors share many aesthetic characteristics with glass. The combination of each other can achieve surprising light effects. The conjugation of all these elements will depend on the style we want to give our home.

Use the glass in the decoration4

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