Use of neutral colors in paint

At the time of painting our house, either completely or any of your stays, we must seriously consider the correct use of neutral colors . They offer us an incomparable framework to create a decoration according to our personality. The neutral colors are like the canvas of the painter, the base on which we can capture our tastes and concerns. Although they may seem boring and bland they are not at all, especially now when we can use neutral colors with shades of color. The palette of neutral colors is not reduced to black and white , the Gray It is a color that allows a lot of shades that can give us a lot of play.

Neutral colors in paint 4

The same goes for white, we can use many types of white. A white pearl for example is a much more sophisticated and elegant color than the typical nuclear target.

Neutral colors in paint 3

At this time gray is a color that has caught many decorating professionals because of the great ease with which it admits infinite tonalities. Any color can be mixed with gray and the result is a different gray loaded with the influence of the color with which it has been mixed.

Neutral colors in paint 2

The brown is also a color of multiple gradations, taking as an example the coffee with milk we can create infinite brown depending on the amount of milk that we add to our coffee.

Neutral colors in the paint 1

Returning on the gray, this color can change completely of aspect and to be chameleon. It can be cold and warm, depending on the color with which it is combined. Today gray has become the new target for a large number of decorators.

Neutral colors in paint 12

In this living room where the earthy colors predominate, the white of the ceiling and walls with the elegant combination of charcoal color creates an incomparable frame.

Neutral colors in paint 11

The texture plays a very important role in the use of neutral colors. A wall covered by a wooden frieze looks totally different when painted white. Natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibers in their natural tones are a way to use neutral tones without danger of being wrong.

Neutral colors in paint 10

A decorative trend that is having great success is the use of classic furniture in colors that avoid that classicism. The general neutral tones of the room allow us to introduce other colors more striking and contrasting on the basis of completely classic furniture.

Neutral colors in paint 9

To know if the gray we are going to use is warm or cold, we just have to compare it with a brown and a blue one. If it is closer to the sample of browns it will be a warm color and if it approaches the blue one it will be a cold gray.

Neutral colors in paint 8

In this kitchen we have only worked with neutral colors. Brown in various shades for floors and furniture and white for ceiling, walls, countertops and chairs. This is how to create a coherent and finally very warm environment.

Neutral colors in paint 7

In this room we have worked with two shades of white that wisely distributed create a coordinated and elegant space. The task of contrast has been reserved for textiles, an easy and economical solution that allows change at any time.

Neutral colors in paint 6

A beige color does not have to create a boring environment if we know how to add the right contrast and a bit of daring design in textiles.

Neutral colors in the paint 13

And we will always have black to create contrast in any room decorated in neutral tones. Surely it never fails us.

Neutral colors in paint 5

When we must choose the background color that we are going to use in any room it is fundamental to take into account the natural lighting of it. The less light received from the exterior, the lighter the color used will be, if we opt for white we will choose the brightest shades.

Neutral colors in the paint 14

In any case try to escape from too bright targets, white also has a lot of tones. According to the other colors of the room we will act accordingly choosing a target with a coordinated tone.


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