Urban style terraces to enjoy the outdoors

The urban terraces they are spaces where social life continues, where we carry out our favorite hobbies and where, ultimately, we have a personal space that allows us to enjoy leisure and free time. Some terraces, due to their size, allow you to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities: barbecues, dinners, birthdays, parties ... and we, whether the guests or the new hosts, are delighted. Most of the contemporary houses usually have this small outside corner, from which we can take much advantage and transform into a place of leisure with a few ideas, whatever their square meters.

Urban style terraces 1

We bring some proposals to give these terraces and patios a very interesting urban style, and that we serve for everything: to sunbathe, hold a meeting or prepare the aperitif, as a place to rest to read a book ... or whatever our favorite outdoor activity.

Urban style terraces 2

Take a look at this charming terrace, small but full of style. With very few details you can get a perfect place like this, called to be the favorite corner of the house:

Urban style terraces 3

First of all, prepare some area to sit. Depending on the dimensions of our terrace (we can also serve an outdoor patio) we can place more or less large seats. We refer above all to comfortable seats: outdoor sofas, some armchairs, puffs, and even hammocks. The issue is to create a comfortable space and fill it with cushions to rest better. Let's not forget to place some low tables nearby. The wood will be perfect and give an unmistakable urban terrace to this space.

Urban style terraces 4

Some details of a minimalist-style urban terrace: wooden plank floor, lanterns to illuminate nightly evenings and bamboo cane ornaments. The result is unbeatable.

Photos: tecnohaus.com

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