Urban and charming apartment

Design and decorate a small apartment of a city can sometimes be a more difficult task than doing it with a bigger house. Take advantage of space without losing space and achieve maximum storage in an elegant way are the keys to success.

Urban and charming apartment

East apartment , with a marked urban character meets both keys. It has a spatial distribution that allows to take advantage of each square meter.
In the living room, the pictures and varied paintings that cover the wall on the sofa and the shelving that covers the entire opposite front by way of library , which allows you to store a large number of books in a very colorful way. Perfect for lovers of reading and collectors.

Urban and charming apartment 1

It can be seen that the various colors of the books also serve the decor of the living

Urban and charming apartment 2

Another outstanding element of the living is the chimney Baroque style located next to the library. To make it noticeable it has been enough to paint it in a broken white, different from the white of the rest of the room, with fine golden applications. The aged chandeliers combine perfectly.

Urban and charming apartment 3

In the discreet dining room, a apared r old green and gold tones that contrasts with the rest of the furniture much simpler lines. A chandelier of colored crystals completes the set.

Photos: miss-design.com

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