Upholstering our own chair

Surely you have always wondered how to be able to upholster a chair on your own and not have to go to the local upholsterer who will usually charge you a lot more money than it really costs to do it. So today we will discover the secret to save a few bills and also feel the satisfaction of upholstering a chair, armchair or sofa on your own. Today we will start with the chair, which at the moment will be the easiest to learn ...

Upholstering our own chair 5

  • The chair to restore.
  • Hammer and nails of upholsterer, or a stapler (electric or manual).
  • Cincha (depending on the state of the chair or size, we will buy more meters or less).
  • Gomaespuma (where we will sit).
  • Upholstery fabric (to taste).

Upholster our own chair 1

The first thing we will do is remove the old upholstery and the cushion to the chair. Then we will place a piece of paper (from the newspaper itself) and make a mold with the size of the previous cushion so that when cutting it with foam, it is easier to remember the theme of the measurements.

Upholstering our own chair 2

We will use the strap that we buy (it usually comes in rolls at the cut - it can easily be found in any store for products for home, construction, etc.) and we will tighten it from side to side until we get a shape similar to that and that is very robust. We're probably going to need help from someone to help us tighten! We will staple or nail nails so that it does not move.

Upholstering our own chair 3

We will cut the foam that we will have bought according to the desired thickness (using the example of newspaper paper we will achieve the previous perfect shape) and we will place it on top of the girth, under pressure. Then we will cover with upholstery.
We will cover it well and cut the remaining fabric until it is perfect.

Upholstering our own chair 5

And ready.

Photos: Easy peasy

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