Unusual designs of kitchen islands

The kitchen islands represent an additional surface that can serve us equally to work more comfortably as for other uses. As an area for breakfast or so that the person cooking is not alone, family and friends can sit on the island to lend a hand or just keep company and chat. We can have children in sight doing their homework or play while we cook. The advantages of having an island in the kitchen are endless but this time we want to present you unusual designs of kitchen islands that will also provide a decorative plus of great interest.


This kitchen island made with 20,000 Lego blocks is the work of the design cabinet " Munchausen "And of course it will attract children and any visit we have at home. Watch out for fans of the brand you can steal a piece of your island!


Although technically it is a peninsula because it is next to a wall, this magnificent piece of wood deserves to be here for its extraordinary beauty. A real luxury that anyone would be willing to install in your home.


For the lovers of the sea, this island in the form of a sailing boat will certainly be second to none. A beautiful and luxurious design for a house on the beach of no less level.


This island combines a simple and neutral base with a chessboard made with wood in two different shades. It is a very elegant design and it will be very practical because of the cantilever that the board presents all around it.


Another innovative design and the latest. This island combines exposed brick with a stainless steel cover creating a very modern element that can fit into any contemporary kitchen.


And for a classic and secular atmosphere this island of embossed wood will be a success. A nineteenth century English style environment that will transport us to the famous television series Arriba y Abajo, although the truth we will not know well in what height we are.

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