Unisex baby rooms

The expectation of the new member of the family always becomes eternal as we do not see the time to hold the baby in our arms. Nine months give a lot of yes, in this time we must have everything ready to adapt to change and receive the newborn with all possible comfort. You have to think about names, buy everything you will need and ... prepare a quiet and comfortable space for the baby.

Unisex baby bedrooms 1

Things have changed and it is no longer strictly necessary to use pink for girls and blue for boys, with unisex decoration you can have everything ready before knowing the sex of the baby or if you have chosen not to know until birth.

Unisex baby bedrooms 2

In these cases, the most commonly used colors are green, yellow, orange and white, always in their softest or pastel tones. Although more and more vibrant shades are used, combination of many colors or even gray and black.

Unisex baby bedrooms 3

Vinyl with decorative children's motifs are used a lot as you can see in all the ideas in this article. They give more life to the children's room, especially in smooth walls of a color that needs animation. This will unleash the imagination of the baby.

Unisex baby bedrooms 4

The main element of this room is the crib that should be safe and comfortable for both the baby and to deal with it.

But it is also important to have enough space to store your clothes, books, toys, diapers ... A comfortable space, like an armchair, is ideal to sit down to feed, sleep or hold in your arms without getting tired. And a carpet in the center will not hurt because, sooner than you think, your baby will start to stand erect and need more room to move.

Unisex baby bedrooms 5

This beautiful and spacious room has a beautiful circular crib, a piece not very common. The photos that adorn the room recall precious moments. This stay completely turns away from the conventions and in spite of it I find it fabulous and a very valid alternative.

Unisex baby bedrooms 6

This cheerful and optimistic decoration, provided by the vibrant orange, invites you to stay calm and move on.

Unisex baby bedrooms 7

To finish a combination in wenge, white and orange tones. It is full of ideas: like the mobiles that hang from the ceiling or the bracket attached to the upper part of the chest of drawers, which makes it perfect for a changing table.

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