Ultramodern and futuristic inspired sofas

The concept of comfort that is given to the living room sofas goes one step further in this collection of ultramodern design. The comfortable goes beyond the usual to join a trend that investigates the latest advances in leisure and relaxation. It is a range of latest generation sofas They incorporate headrests, cervical pillows for the back and footrest, following the line of therapeutic massage chairs that provide so many physical benefits.

Modern and futuristic sofas 01

A spectacular way to relax thanks to its rounded design that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, while the different characteristics of the seat are adjusted according to the needs of each moment: for example, if we want to have our feet in high position we can raise the footrest, or if we prefer to keep the head more or less upright deploy the headrest.

Modern and futuristic sofas 02

Modern and futuristic sofas 03

Modern and futuristic sofas 04

Made in leather, for now we can find them in two colors: black and white and red and white. Its exterior design follows the line of the most futuristic furniture, with a minimalist and functional concept of each element, confirming that the decorative is not at odds with the idea of ​​well-being.

Modern and futuristic sofas 05

Modern and futuristic sofas 06

Modern and futuristic sofas 07

Photos: blazzinghouse.com

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