Types of outdoor floors for your home

If you are looking for a floor for outdoor to cover your pool , patio or garden, you are in the post indicated. The ones that I will propose you next are resistant, very low maintenance, super nice, decorative and durable, so you will not have to change them later.

Types of floor for exterior

Porcelain tile

Types of outdoor floors for your home

Porcelain tile, also known as porcelain tiles, is a durable and resistant floor that comes in a wide variety of finishes and various formats. For the pool area it will be necessary to place a smooth non-slip pavement.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 1

If you want avoid the lawn in your yard , choose wood that is a warm, cozy and rustic material. You can choose different formats and types of wood, the most commonly used pine, ipé or ipe and exotic (iroco, teak, rosewood, wengue, mahogany and okume) as in this patio with pool. Of course you should consider that the woods require maintenance to deal with external factors.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 2

The composite floor imitation wood or synthetic wood, is a Perfect material for the patio floor . This is manufactured from plastic resins and wood fibers and can be smooth or with various types of grooves. Its installation is done on battens using steel staples that go unnoticed. The reasons for choose composite floors for outdoor they are its great variety of designs, its low maintenance, its anti-slip properties, its easy installation and its great resistance to fungi, blows, humidity and insects.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 3

The bricks They are available in many shades and their finish can be matte or glossy. On the other hand, its placement can adopt an infinity of different patterns.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 4

The microcement is presented as a novel solution with a modern aesthetic, especially for gardens, patios and swimming pools. In addition, not only is it in gray, since it can be chosen in many shades, being able to adapt to any style and environment.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 5

Concrete is one of the types of floor for exterior It has great durability, versatility and weather resistance. Also, you can purchase various finishes.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 6

A bed of gravel is spread with the help of a rake over the entire surface of the garden and then the furniture is placed on top. This option is one of the simplest and most economical.


Types of outdoor floors for your home 7

The rubber is easy to place , resistant and durable. In addition, there are many finishes to choose from, colors and textures.

Natural slab

Types of outdoor floors for your home 8

The natural slab is one of the more durable and resistant garden floors what you can find It has a rugged format and a natural aesthetic. It is similar to clay tiles, but does not require maintenance. In addition, you can choose natural slabs in various shades.

Marble for exterior floor

Types of outdoor floors for your home 9

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones for cover exterior floors in patios , swimming pools and gardens. It is resistant, elegant and of great durability. However, not all marble is suitable for outdoor use. If you want to avoid slips, use the anti-slip marbles.

Irregular slabs

Types of exterior floors for your home 10

The irregular slabs are perfect for the patio floor, due to its low maintenance, rustic aesthetics and climate resistance. You can also choose slabs in different shades.

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