Types of floors for your garden

The garden is one more room in our house and as such we should consider it if not all at least in part. To reserve a living space in the garden is to treat the ground, specifically the covering of the ground in that area of ​​the garden where we will go and step for several hours a day. The possibilities are many as you can imagine, we will see a small list of the different types of floor we can use in the garden.

Floors for the garden 1

The stone tiles They are an excellent option to create a patio in our garden. Its resistance and beauty are unquestionable but we will have to decide according to our budget. The design is also fundamental at the time of installation and we must have it projected in advance.

Floors for the garden 2

The artificial grass It is a coating that has become more relevant as the industry has created better finished types. There is currently a wide range of prices and qualities to choose from.

Floors for the garden 3

The Ceramic tiles Decorative materials are a great option for floor covering and will help us create a classic patio.

Floors for the garden 4

The gravel , both natural and elaborated by granite crushing, is a very decorative option especially for gardens of modern style. It ensures excellent drainage and if we put anti-weed mesh under it will prevent the emergence of weeds.

Floors for the garden 5

The train sleepers They are another interesting way to improve the design of a Mediterranean-style garden. Wood also perfectly combines with cement and stone.

Floors for the garden 6

The gravel has a similar use to gravel, the difference lies in the size of the stones. It usually comes from rock crushing and is usually cheaper. We will treat it the same and install anti-weed mesh before its discharge.

Floors for the garden 7

Granites and marbles crushed allow to expand the possibility of decoration by the large assortment of colors that we can find. They can be used loose like any other type of gravel or gravel but they allow the possibility of fixing them with adherent products.

Floors for the garden 8

Any type of paved flooring allows the placement so that we can plant a covering plant in the spaces that we leave between the slabs. This allows to soften the effect and create a more natural decoration of the floor.

Photos: marthastewart.com

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