Twelve interiors with plywood

The websites dedicated to interior design offer a wide range of information about the use of plywood . Currently this material is being used to make furniture but also to completely cover whole rooms. Its use brings a touch of warmth in modern interior designs and that unfinished look that is charming. Below we show you twelve spectacular spaces made with this very economical material.

Decoration with plywood 1

Above, light wood and concrete blend seamlessly in Setagaya Flat, Tokyo, designed by architects Narus Inokuma and Hiroko Karibe for their own home.

Decoration with plywood 2

Casa OM in Yokohama, Japan, designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, has a dining space lined with a wooden wall that crosses a circle in the ceiling. Plywood stairs allow to climb to the roof.

Decoration with plywood 3

This room with its walls covered with plywood in a house designed by PS Arkitektur seems the ideal place to see snow in winter.

Decoration with plywood 4

A solitary ray of sun cuts the monacal aspect of this room paneled with plywood, designed by Uni Architechture of Cambridge, Mass.

Decoration with plywood 5

The Chartier-Corbasson architects have designed this Parisian loft. While the floor is made of traditional slats, the sideboard and the staircase are made of plywood with a large grain pattern.

Decoration with plywood 6

Another view of the same space by architects Chartier Corbasson. All a kitchen made with plywood, furniture, walls and ceiling. It confers an unfinished, provisional, ephemeral aspect.

Decoration with plywood 7

The plywood shelf that also acts as a space separator, in another space of Setagaya Flat, designed by Narus Inokuma and Hiroko Karibe.

Decoration with plywood 8

Another Japanese house, this loft with high ceilings has walls covered with plywood, the separate bathtub and the sink on the wall create a special space. Designed by the Japanese studio Architect Cafe, it was completed in 2010 and is located on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Decoration with plywood 9

Plywood is a perfect material to use in offices and offices. Especially if we combine it with a piece of furniture or metal shelving.

Decoration with plywood 10

The bloggers of Hindsvik at Home renovated their master bedroom themselves, with lots of plywood, from the floor to the bedside tables and the wall. You can see the tutorial here .

Decoration with plywood 11

The house of the architect Davor Popadich, designed by the architects Pattersons, was presented in its entirety in the magazine Dwell . Here we see a detail of the kitchen with the walls paneled with plywood, the concrete bench and the natural wood table with Konstantin Grcic chairs.

Decoration with plywood 12

The Mjölk store in Toronto, which sells classic and contemporary furniture and handmade objects of Scandinavian and Japanese design, has flooring covered with large sheets of plywood.


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