Turquoise in your dining room

A transgressive color, unique and that can fall in love at first sight. Encouraging turquoise blue decoration in our dining room or lounge can be one of the best decisions to make.

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Fresh, bright, cheerful and full of energy. It is a perfect color for lovers of contrasts and for those who seek to achieve with the decoration of their home a source of energy for everyday life.
We can use it both in interior decoration and exterior decoration. But this time we will focus on its use in interior decoration, more specifically in the decoration of our living room or dining room.
To use the turquoise blue we have several options. We can choose to use it in painting or decorating with paper on the walls, ceilings or on the floors; or we can add it with furniture and accessories ... a combination of all that. Everything depends on you and your preferences, how determined are you to take the color challenge ???

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Chairs, armchairs and other furniture are available in this range of colors, but we can also take more risks and to avoid having to buy furniture, we can restore them and give them a new shade ourselves.
For those who do not want to modify their furniture, for fear that soon they get tired of the color or simply because they do not want to change them, they can give the color with the accessories of the decoration such as curtains, cushions, ornaments, white, carpets, etc. Either use it in the painting of the walls or apply it with the famous decorative papers.

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There are many options, it is up to us to encourage ourselves to use this bold and cheerful color. We leave you some very beautiful and audacious examples of the decoration with the turquoise color. We are sure that you will enjoy them and that many will be encouraged to use this beautiful color at home.

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Turquoise in your dining room-01

Photos: blogimagen.com; decorahoy.com; paperblog.com; decorablog.com; decorailumina.com

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