Turkish air in your house

The Turkish interior design try to establish a balance between the opposites, combining the hard with the soft and the old with the modern colors. The predominant idea is to always achieve harmony. The ideal way to get Turkish decorative objects, obviously, would be to shop around the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but we can always replace it with a search in online stores.

Turkish style 1

A typical example of living room to the Turkish style , an integration of different decorative elements from both sides of the Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, France; a coming and going of decorative influences that have occurred throughout history.

Turkish style 2

Turkish style 3

As we said before, if we can make a getaway to the Grand Bazaar we will find there more than 4500 stores where we can find absolutely everything. But through the internet we can find many decorative solutions to bring a Turkish air to our house.

Turkish style 4

The carpets are the most classic element, the famous Turkish rugs with their color blends add a touch of exoticism to the home. You can also get antique rugs renewed with new colors.

Turkish style 5

Turkish pillows are another alternative for decoration. If we can not reach a Turkish carpet we can always settle for pillows, much cheaper.

Turkish style 6

Turkish towels are also a good decorative option and we can use them in many ways. From the drying function itself to use as curtains, tablecloths and sofa blankets.

Turkish style 7

Bowls and bowls designed with a thousand and one patterns in bright colors. They are a nice contribution for a bookshelf or a dresser, they will launch a burst of color and they will become an interesting focal point.

Photos: blog.styleestate.com

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