Tricks for small houses

A little design, style and a few tricks of storage can make you live in a small house in a big way. Adapt these ideas to the layout and plan of your home to create a customized configuration for you. It will not be like living in a palace but at least you will make your house more livable and comfortable.

Small houses ideas 1

Above you can see three simple tricks that will make your living room bigger. The furniture with tall legs give a feeling that they occupy less space and a small carpet on another large delimiting the space of a piece of furniture favors a broader perspective. The metal grid table It has the ability to offer functionality without its mass occupying space at a glance.

Small houses ideas 2

Think of the versatility , this sideboard fulfills several functions as multimedia center, shelf and sideboard itself. A way to save space and put some order at the same time.

Small houses ideas 3

The Mirrors they are always an excellent solution for small spaces and if we want them not to be so indiscreet we can opt for old mirrors that will do the same function without having the feeling that they are spying on you.

Small houses ideas 4

A small kitchen in a small house where you can not live more than a couple of people can have all the comforts and occupy very little space. The solution is to choose small appliances that will give the same functionality without stealing space. The cupboards with a little bottom will allow you to store what you need without seeming to invade all the living space and the frosted glass doors offer a sensation of visual amplitude without being indiscreet.

Small houses ideas 5

Once again we will choose to give as many uses as possible to the furniture. In a corner of the kitchen a small narrow table can serve as a dining table, kitchen counter and desk.

Small houses ideas 6

Add space storage Wherever possible The side of the kitchen countertop is a good place to store spices and glassware by just installing a few small shelves.

Small houses ideas 7

A built-in wardrobe in the room is a functional and practical storage area, taking advantage of the entire height of the room. A stylized and decorative bedside table will fulfill its function with hardly any visual impact.


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