Trestle tables, an economical solution

The easel tables consist of a wooden board or a piece of any other rigid material, metal or glass for example, arranged on two trestles that act in the manner and manner of legs of the table. This provisional solution, very old, has been present in many homes for generations. It is not something that has been invented now, on the contrary. We have all known one of these tables at some time in our lives. They were assembled for celebrations, weddings, communions and baptisms. They rode even when in the humble houses there was not much space and the table to eat was put on and off at every meal.

Trestle tables 1

Converted later into the typical desk of the student who had to live rent today many people choose these centenary tables to meet their needs for very little money. With an old door and two trestles we have immediately a magnificent desk, spacious and comfortable.

Trestle tables 2

And with a little more investment we can decorate this desk with an adhesive paper stamped in bright colors and designs. Then we will also have a nice desk.

Trestle tables 3

Ikea counts among its products with these height adjustable stands that allow us to create a desk that can adapt to different tasks thanks to the possibility of raising and lowering the board.

Trestle tables 4

If we want to give more style and elegance we can place a glass on the easels and our economical and simple trestle table becomes a sophisticated and beautiful piece of furniture.

Trestle tables 5

But the thing does not end here, a trestle table can also be a great and original dining table as we can see in the image above. Some mader easels painted in pink, a large piece of methacrylate and we have a fantastic dining table that combines perfectly with these school-style chairs so current.


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