Trendy functional living table

Trendy It is the ideal table when you are looking for functionality and economy of both space and money.

Trendy the functional living table 1

Trendy It is the ideal living table that in just a few seconds can be transformed into a practical dining table to receive more guests at home.
It is a table designed by the firm Resource Furniture , and comes in two practical models: square or rectangular.
It is made with the best materials, high strength MDF and steel.
When you need it as a dining table, you just have to open your arms and put it together. On the other hand, when you no longer need it that way, it is a perfect living table with an elegant and modern design.
Without a doubt, it is a table to buy ...

Trendy functional living table 2

Trendy functional living table 3

Trendy functional living table 4


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