Trends in bathroom decoration 2019

If you've been thinking about that magazine bathroom for a while, it's time for you to take the next step. This new year brings with it a host of new design trends and some things that have existed for more than a decade such as wall mirrors, are being replaced with new, fresh and fun ideas. Discover these trends in bathroom decoration 2019 what you want to copy

Trends in bathroom decoration 2019

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The bathroom sink pipes are exposing themselves in a much cleaner and smarter way. You can paint them all the same on the wall or ceiling, or make them look much more sophisticated by painting them gold.

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Concrete and plaster are known to be hard and cold, but forget everything you think you know about these materials, because in 2019 you can see them with a much more refined appearance. Plaster and concrete are seeping into the bathroom design , which makes the material feel warmer and more elegant.

Trends in bathroom decoration 2019 2

The subway tiles that we have seen for years are in various shapes and sizes and are now being used for decorate the bathroom . This is because it is a simple tile that combines with everything.

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You could keep your basic wall mirror, but in this 2019 you can choose something much more interesting. It may not be for everyone or for all the bathrooms, but you can give a unique and personal touch to yours by choosing a striking mirror.

Trends in bathroom decoration 2019 4

The shelves have remained in time, because in the bathroom decoration 2019 a floating piece of furniture with hidden drawers is being used. This style is slim, elegant and fulfills double function, because it is decorative and at the same time has storage space to store the hair dryer and deodorant, among other things.

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