Trends for the kitchen

In 2013, a series of trends have been imposed, which are the ones that are going to take the most time to decorate and choose the furniture of our kitchen. Do you know them?

The trends in terms of colors, go through the beige and cream tones in all its scales, since being light colors will reflect better the light and increase the sense of space, of amplitude.

kitchen decoration 1

Another color that has acquired great prominence is the green in its different tonalities, especially the emerald as the great highlight among all, as in the bathrooms. Of course the white color, which does not pass the years, will have its place in the colors for kitchens this year.

kitchen decoration 2

In terms of materials, furniture with laminated finish and polylaminates have become very important.
Wood, like the color white, is usually maintained year after year in all the lists of trends, as it always adds a touch to the kitchens that does not go out of style whatever the material that takes most that year.

There are also repeated colors that have had special importance in 2012 such as the orange, which has positioned itself strongly and refuses to leave the kitchens in 2013, so if your furniture has this tonality do not worry because they will remain trend.

kitchen decoration 3

Steel is shown as another great option fundamentally for larger kitchens. It is a very hygienic material and resistant to stains, so its use in the kitchen is ideal.

kitchen decoration 4

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