Trees and branches to decorate the interior

The idea of ​​having a tree at home It may seem striking, but impractical if there is little space in the home. In this case, the approach does not consist in that this tree grows inside; many can be sculptural pieces with a tree shape, Made in wood or similar materials. More practical solutions, but just as incredible as having a tree growing inside our home.

Trees and decorative branches 1

These are some proposals that can give us very interesting ideas in this regard. In the first one we see how a couple of sculptural trees merge with the interior architecture of the house itself, creating a very special atmosphere, of a small house in the countryside.

Trees and decorative branches 2

It should be noted, as the authors of many of these samples say, that in no case none of these trees has suffered damage ; these are individuals that were sick, lying down or had fallen to the ground, but have not been cut or torn from their natural habitat.

Trees and decorative branches 3

In addition to tree trunks, whose wood, well treated, gives off that natural beauty already seen on other occasions, a more affordable decorative invitation is to use tree branches. This type of decoration is very used in times like Christmas, but it can be used at any time of the year. It gives the house a special charm.

Trees and decorative branches 4

In the bedroom, the trees and their derivatives can be used as a support for the bed, forming this beautiful picture with box spring and headboard included. From a more informal aspect, you can build a rustic style with a different air in which recycling has a lot of weight.

Trees and decorative branches 5


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