Transparent floors, yes or no?

The transparent floors They are usually used to give a more spacious and open to the house. They allow light to pass from one room to another and create a certain air of lightness. Glass stairs can also be a very interesting focal point in a house. The new materials used in the construction and design of homes sometimes leave us with doubts about their practical nature. It is clear that glass bricks have always been used to try to illuminate excessively dark parts of the house, these floors actually deal with the same thing, only that as now there are new materials the needs can be covered in another way.

Transparent floors 1

These floors made with glass panels or some transparent plastic material give the option to create different spaces but united by sight. Some people find it exciting to step on a transparent floor and, on the other hand, it is a real ordeal for others. It is therefore a very personal option to use this type of flooring. Another of the fantastic decorative resources that these floors allow is to play with the lighting of the rooms, because although you are located in one, you actually see the two.

Transparent floors 2

Another one of the great resources that allow to treat the transparent panels in the ground is the water. A transparent floor Over a pond of water or a stream of running water is a wonderful feeling and impossible to reproduce. Transparent floors have been used for a long time in public spaces and now they want to enter the home. It depends on us!


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