Transforms the staircase into the center of the decoration

A staircase is a very important element in a house because it occupies a large space so it is a waste not to take care of it and transform it into a central element of the house. Any change we make to the ladder will cause a big impact. We'll see four proposals so that if we have a staircase it can look as beautiful as possible.

Decorated staircase 1

This idea is really charming and also plays with the perspective offered by the steps. An easy and powerful idea that we can do ourselves. It consists as you can see in the image above in painting the front of the steps in ombré or degraded . It is a bit laborious but simple, we start with a color, which we consider more appropriate and we add white paint to clarify the tone. Starting from a strong tone we will degrade it as we climb the steps. On this occasion the tone was changed every three steps.

Decorated stairs 2

Another idea, easier still, consists of paper the front of the steps and if we still want to do the task with more comfort we can use double-sided tape to paste the cuttings of painted paper . Applying a transparent protective varnish to the surface of the wallpaper will protect it from the normal damages of everyday use, facilitating its cleaning.

Stairway decorated 3

This decoration consists of pasting mirror mosaics at the front of the steps, it is a meticulous and delicate task that we might prefer to entrust to the family handyman or a friend. Actually if we like puzzles we do not have any problem just have to buy mirror tesserae and go sticking them little by little.

Staircase decorated 4

If we like the phrases with deep sense or leave messages to the family members, painting the fronts of the steps with slate paint will allow us to write them. We can also change the phrase whenever we want. With passing a damp cloth we will erase the message and in addition the dust of the chalk will not fall on the step.


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