Transforming a children's room into a Circus

How small you have never dreamed of living in a Circus, or being part of them. There are many children and now adults who have ever dreamed of this world of fantasies involving a circus.

Children's room in a Circus1

Many have imagined themselves among trapeze artists, among circus pirates, clowns and some go crazy with the idea of ​​the "round the world".

children's room in a Circo2

That is why today we show you in Guide to Decorate , an incredible transformation. A boring children's room, it was transformed into a world of fantasies, where there is everything ... of everything we can find in a circus and in the fair that accompanies it.
It went from having a serious and colorless air to being a corner of joy and fun.
The details are everywhere, from the bed, the curtains, the chairs, the lighting. Everything in perfect harmony and without leaving aside the touches that make it look like a circus.
This little one must have been delighted with the transformation of his room!
Look at the details in the chair, around the world specially designed against one of the parades and under which there is space to store toys, books, or whatever you want to keep.
The detail of the rustic bed is fabulous and for the curtains it was taken into account to give it the appearance of a store like the ones in the circuses, where the clowns, the dancers and the magician sleep.
Until pictures of the little magician disguised ... have been prepared ...
We invite you to comment on this beautiful transformation!

Children's room in a Circus3

children's room in a circus4

children's room in a Circo5


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