Transformation of an old mill

Maintaining old structures and buildings and incorporating them into new designs instead of demolishing them is a decision based on several factors. One of them is the cost and effort that the demolition of a building and the consequent debris may entail. But, in some cases, like the one here, there is also another element that is of great importance, the historical significance and the beauty of the pre-existing structure.

Mill transformed into residence 01

This contemporary house used to be a mill. The old walls of the mill have been taken advantage of and integrated into the new structure. They give it character and make the house an original and truly unique space. The residence is located in Dingwall, Scotland and is a project developed by Rural Design Architetcts, an architectural firm that does its work in Scotland and has an important trajectory recovering and rehabilitating old buildings. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful house was not until recently nothing but ruins.

Mill transformed into residence 02

In some cases, when there is an old structure at the base of the project, the architects try to incorporate the remains of the old construction into the new building. Here, however, the situation has been resolved differently, instead of mixing the two constructive stages, the architects have chosen to highlight the differences between them to take advantage of the impact created by the contrast between the old and the modern.

Mill transformed into residence 03

Mill transformed into residence 04

Mill transformed into residence 05

The basic idea developed by the architects was to make the modern additions stand out and also allow the old elements to become part of the design. When we look at this residence and its exterior we can think that we are facing an old structure, but as soon as you enter inside you realize that it is a modern creation. The contrast between the interior and the exterior is strong and has every intention of adding charm and surprise to the design of the house.

Mill transformed into residence 07

Mill transformed into residence 08

The house has a beautiful interior patio that is the focal point of the entire design. All the rooms on the ground floor are organized around this space and come into direct contact with it. The bedrooms of the house enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. The modern construction of the house is completely open to the beautiful and rich exterior.


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