Transformable coffee table

You will not find this coffee table in your usual furniture store, it is not yet manufactured. It is a design project developed by D * Haus, a company based in London. Through the crowdfunding They are trying to finance the development of this idea and some more. Crowdfunding is a collective microfinance system that is developed through the internet, in which in exchange for donations, those who promote it are invited to give a series of gifts to the sponsors.

The D * Table 01

The D * Table is a typical coffee table like a Swiss Army knife with a regular knife. It is very versatile and can take a variety of forms. It has different nooks and crannies to hold books, plants, drinks and small objects. The four different orthogonal pieces are connected to each other by removable hinges, which allows it to fold in different ways, depending on the needs of the moment.

The D * Table 02

Its design is inspired by a mathematical game developed by Ernest Henry Dudeney from four different geometric pieces with which you can form a perfect square, an equilateral triangle and six intermediate forms.

The D * Table 03

In fact this flexible coffee table is able to transform any living room making it a little less static. The finish will be available in three ranges of color, white, pastel shades and bright primary colors. They will also be made with wood of sustainable origin and non-toxic finishes.

The D * Table 04

An avant-garde and original project that is still in its preliminary stages waiting to get enough funding to start production.

The D * Table 05

We hope that the authors succeed and this original and creative coffee table becomes a reality in the design world.


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