Transform your room with pink

What a more romantic color than pink ... none! And if there is a special place in which to use it at home is in our room.

Transform your room with pink 4

But how to give that romantic touch? Well, there are different ways of doing it.
It can be with accessories, furniture, white, paint, papers and other types of coatings. You can also give it with some kinds of floors and carpets.
Let's look at some of the photos. For some decorations the color of the walls has been taken as the center of it. Always tones within the range of pink but without being strong colors that can tire us in the short term. Also, there is another ally at the time of decorating and that is the target. With the white we refer to the sheets, bedspreads, cushions, blankets, etc. With them you can also give the romantic touch you expect to achieve in your room.
If you look closely, they have also been essential in all decorations to give them the expected romantic touch.
A color that combines well with the rose, is the cake and the light toasted. They are the right colors, that although they give a suitable and pleasant combination they allow that the pink one continues being the main protagonist of the atmosphere.
Go ahead and imitate some of these decorations in your home and give your corner of rest the touch of romanticism that you need so much.

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Transform your room with pink 2

Transform your room with pink 3

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