Top six of rarest buildings in the world

Would you like to know what are the buildings strangest and most curious in the world? Today we present some of these mysterious constructions, fascinating ones and unusual others, scattered around different parts of the planet. Places where it seems unthinkable to live or work in them, either because of their impossible architecture or because of their aesthetic nature. Like it or not, we can not deny its creators their audacity and ingenuity by breaking molds and schemes in this way.

The rarest buildings in the world 1

Basket Building (Ohio, United States): this peculiar building is the headquarters of the company Longaberger Basket Company , dedicated to market, precisely, picnic baskets. It is a giant wicker basket and took two years to build, between 1995 and 1996. Due to its rarity, it has also swelled the lists of "the ugliest buildings in the world".

The rarest buildings in the world 2

Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, The Netherlands): These "cube houses" of Holland are based on the concept of life on an urban roof. Each of them, in the shape of a hexagon, represents a tree, and all together a forest. In the year 2009 they were given the use of hotel.

The rarest buildings in the world 3

Dancing Building (Prague, Czech Republic): The Czech capital hosts this curious building which, as the name suggests, seems to dance in the air. It was designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic in 1997. It is a construction of the school deconstructivist , an architectural style that is characterized by its non-linear design.

The rarest buildings in the world 4

Manchester Civil Justice Center (Manchester, United Kingdom): The Manchester Civil Justice Center is an impressive building that pretends to be a gigantic desk with some of its drawers open. It currently houses the city's courthouse and was nominated for the prestigious architecture prize Stirling .

The rarest buildings in the world 5

Haines Shoe House (Pennsylvania, United States): This disturbing building in the middle of Pennsylvania represents a boot. It was built in 1948 with the idea of ​​advertising a shoe brand.

The rarest buildings in the world 6

Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, United States): This building "thrown" against the ground is the headquarters of the Museum of Disaster (called "Wonderworks") in this small city in the American Midwest. Inside it houses up to 150 different exhibitions, including one dedicated to the terrible San Francisco earthquake of 1989.


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