Toilets and washbasins suspended

Suspended toilets are not an invention of the last batch, they have been known for a long time, what is more recent is its popularization. Before they were elitist elements with quite high prices that put them within the reach of a few. Now it seems that production costs have been reduced considerably and sanitary brands offer those of this type at very competitive prices, comparable to those of traditional installation.

Toilets and washbasins suspended 1

The sinks, toilets and suspended bidets have become common elements that anyone can include in the decoration of their bathroom. One of the great advantages offered by being installed on the wall and not leaning on the floor is that they allow the cleaning of the bathroom in a very fast and hygienic way.

Toilets and washbasins suspended 2

We can find many lines that cover any decorative style. Do not think that we are only going to find hypermodern and super-uncomfortable models.

Toilets and washbasins suspended 3

On the contrary we can find even the most classic designs in this modality. So there is something for everyone.

Toilets and washbasins suspended 4

The installation of these devices is not difficult, provided that we have a certain level as bricoladores, usually consist of a metal plate that is fixed to the wall firmly and then the porcelain part is fixed to said support. But if we are not within that level we can always contact a plumbing professional who will not have any problems in their installation because they have already become a very popular sanitary line.

Toilets and washbasins suspended 5

The only thing that we have to take into account when buying toilets, bidets and suspended toilets is to make sure and ask the seller about the drain system that being horizontal can be the weak point of these devices if they are not properly designed.


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