Today we present ... Retro style

I think all our readers of they will already know the term retro but let's do things right, and start on page 1 of the book. However applied our dear students ...
When we open our dictionary by the page of the "R" we will find the word: retro- : Prefix from l. retro, backward; Previous time: retrotraer.
Therefore, retro will be that of yesteryear, of the past, of other times ... and in our case, any furniture that was used in the time of our parents - for our younger readers or in the times of when we were children, for those most veteran readers.

Today we present ... Retro style

Since armchairs o tables … until refrigerators ! Anything that was in a house of the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. Although this dates is very relative, for one, something of the 90 can be retro and for others it will be too early, and for that same rule of 3, there will be people who think that something from the 40s is retro, and others would call it "antiquity". Everything is relative. As is the retro concept itself - whenever we talk about decoration - why? Because although it sounds metaphorical, nowadays "to have a retro taste, is to have a modern taste".

Today we present ... Retro style 1

So even if there is a modern style already, the retro style is still modern. Actually it's simple, everything old is now fashionable. As Richard Gere , the old, like!

Today we present ... Retro style 2

And is that the retro style It can be charming both for us and for the visitors who come to our home on a Saturday night. You can spend a lot of money buying retro-style furniture in specialty stores where they know it's in fashion (and prices are going to go up!) Or you can also rummage through town markets, or even your own storage room! and find some phone old, a couple of music vinyl , or perhaps ask a relative for old furniture that he kept because he is tired of seeing it and for him to be boring and out of fashion.

Today we present ... Retro style 3

Take advantage and get rid of it! . Not everyone knows how to appreciate the retro style ... but your pockets will

Today we present ... Retro style 4


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