To decorate with porcelain cups

The small details in the decoration are a success. They shine in any room of the house and, often, a simple note of style serves to define a space and modify our perception of the environment. They are small solutions for imaginative people and eager to innovate, try different styles and create new scenarios in the same home.

Decorate with cups 1

We have chosen the porcelain cups for its undoubted charm. In addition to this decorative domestic charm, they are everyday objects whose sole presence relives many sensations, from the delicacy of past times to the costumbrismo of tea or coffee. Cup games evoke old meetings in which people gather in the heat of a steaming cup to chat and take pastries or other pastry sweets.

Decorate with cups 5

Decorate with cups 3

They are very suitable for salons and dining rooms romantic rustic style , Scandinavian style o Nordic and places with airs vintage . The cups can rest in multiple corners, from centerpieces or side tables, to sideboards, shelves and cabinets. We can fill them with details such as floral ornaments, aromatic candles or pebbles, or have them, without more, on display.

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