To decorate with designs of prints in full color

Choose the pattern of a sofa, a rug, cushions or even bedding can be decisive for decoration. We can take advantage of these complements to give style to the interior of the home thanks to the multiple designs that exist today. A rich and wide range of designs to choose from, where today we highlight the full color prints . Because thanks to them we can give life to our house in a very easy way.

Decorate with patterned designs 1

There are those who prefer prints with drawings and who, on the contrary, choose smooth models. In any case, this always goes by tastes, but to start you can go testing with prints little overloaded.

The latest trends opt for a palette of strong colors where red, blue in all its variants, green and orange stand out ... A good mix of cold and warm tones can turn our living room into a space full of life. The energy that comes from this second proposal is due mainly to the use of varied prints and a beautiful mix of colors on a soft blue base:

Decorate with patterned designs 2

The intensity that we want to give to space is final. A good blank base allows us to attenuate a bit the strength of the secondary coloring. The prints, in this other proposal, put again the note of chromatic richness thanks to the small brush strokes:

Decorate with patterned designs 3

With an air of glamor, this sophisticated lounge takes advantage of natural light to highlight the decorative details that it nourishes:

Decorate with patterned designs 4

The flowery print of the bedding in this bedroom stands out for being very feminine. Flowers, butterflies or vertical lines brighten and determine the style very smoothly:

Decorate with patterned designs 5

Decorate with patterned designs 6


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