To decorate with armchairs and design stools

We all know the practical side of armchairs and benches, we use them every day to sit down. But these furniture, so eminently practical, also have a very important aspect in decoration, its use as ornamental objects. All the great designers have shown interest at some point in their careers for these practical and beautiful furniture.

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This double face that show chairs and stools will help us a lot in the decoration of any space, whether interior or exterior. We are not only providing the room with a place to sit, but we are also rounding off the decoration of the room.

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Design armchairs 3

You have read many times that of creating a point of interest in the decoration as the armchairs and benches are ideal for that mission. And of course we have a lot to choose from and in a wide range of prices.

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The illustrious names of the design have always been interested in this field and their creations tend to have high prices. Anyway, we can always find reproductions at very good prices.

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Design armchairs 6

Design armchairs 7

Design armchairs 8

If design classics focused basically on the shape and geometry of their armchairs, today young designers have taken a new path and it has become a trend to take classic designs and add a nice touch of color.

Design armchairs 9

Design armchairs 10

Design armchairs 11

Design armchairs 12

This proposal, initiated by the professionals, opens a new path to simple mortals fond of the world of design and decoration. Transforming a good classic piece into a modern piece of furniture is within the reach of everyone. Changing the upholstery for a new one full of color or the monotonous painting for a rich combination of colors is something that we can all do or at least order to be done by an artisan following our instructions.

Design armchairs 13

Design armchairs 14

Design armchairs 15

We hope that the proposals we have presented will help you. You have a lot to choose from, from the usual classics to your own original customizations. A very broad field to explore and give that touch that you always think your decoration lacks.

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