Tips to organize your office

Whether you work from home or simply have a desk where you perform your tasks related to home economics. These tips will help you maintain order in your office. The organization of your office or office is about maximizing your efficiency. By having everything in place, you will know where to find what you need at all times and this will allow you, if you work from home, increase your productivity or simply make more rational use of your time.

Organize the office 1

Order the papers :

It is easy to let the papers pile up on your desk, but this marks the beginning of a sense of disorder. Once you are done with something, break and throw away the related paper. If you have to save a document but have no use for it at that time, save it in a file cabinet. There is a wide variety of filing cabinets, get one that meets your needs. You can also adapt cardboard boxes, the boxes where the A4 paper packages for printing or photocopying are ideal, to be used as filing cabinets.

Organize the office 2

Above the desk there is only place for the essential:

Sort pens and pencils in a jar or on a tray in the desk drawer. Do the same with staples, paper clips and other small objects. If you need additional lighting, instead of placing a lamp on your desk, place a floor lamp or a smaller lamp on top of the filing cabinet.

Organize the office 3

Order things from most to least use:

If you perform your tasks primarily with the computer, this will be the centerpiece. Everything else will depend on the frequency of use. The more you use something closer to you, the more you have to be.

Organize the office 4

Rearrange your drawers:

The most used objects will go in the upper drawers. We follow the same law as for the surface of the desk, the more used closer.

Organize the office 5

Always have a calendar in sight:

As an alternative, enter meetings and events in a handheld planner, PDA, or telephone.

Organize the office 6

Organize the cables of your electronic devices:

At present practically every office is a cluster of electronic devices, computer, printer, fax and a long etcetera. Electric cables are usually numerous and it is important to have them controlled. There are many cable organizers in the market but we can also devise some, ribbons, hangers, corrugated tubes and many more homemade solutions.

Organize the office 7

Adapt the distribution of your office to your needs:

The situation of the desk, the filing cabinet, the printer, the telephone and the fax. All the elements must be distributed according to your needs. The chair also, if you need to move between your work areas can be interesting to opt for a desk chair with wheels.

Organize the office 8

Set up a specific place for your personal items:

Where to get rid of all those objects that we usually carry and that may bother us when we are sitting working. The wallet, the mobile or cell phone, the electronic calendar or even the keys. Or if you usually use a bag or shoulder bag you will need a hanger to hang that item.


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