Tips to optimize acoustics at home

If you are passionate about music and have a good team we will give you a few tips on acoustics that will allow you to get the most out of your musical equipment. They are advice based on the knowledge of sound engineers that will help us to take better advantage of the virtues of our player. We are going to refer to the living room as it is usually the room where we usually place the musical equipment but you can apply the advice to any other space where we listen to music.

Optimize acoustics at home 1

The first advice is to remove the coffee table from the living room. It is an element that creates a strong acoustic distortion. We can replace it with an upholstered ottoman that will correct that distortion.

Optimize acoustics at home 2

The shelves on the walls act as very elegant and practical diffuser panels. Books of different sizes and decorative objects are excellent to avoid the flat bounce of sound waves.

Optimize acoustics at home 3

Another element that can help us a lot is plants. Creating a vertical garden in the first rebound area of ​​the wall will greatly help the sound quality in the room. We have to find the exact point and for that we need a collaborator to move a mirror or a panel along the wall.

Optimize acoustics at home 4

In the area where we are going to sit and listen to music it is important to place a carpet and the more fluffy the better. Creates a cushioning of the floor that will prevent rebounding and distortions.

Optimize acoustics at home 5

Thick woven curtains and wall hangings are other elements that can help us improve the acoustics of a room.

Optimize acoustics at home 6

Finding the points to bounce directly from the walls is as simple as going all over it applauding. Where we identify one of these undesirable bounces is a place to add a plant or a decorative object that acts as a diffusion screen. We can also use the mirror trick as explained above.

Optimize acoustics at home 7

Finally, if you are very serious and want to create a perfectly adapted space, you will have to use fiberglass that you can upholster with fabric. The thickness of the fiber panels should be about 10 cm, it is an important investment but with great results and effectiveness.


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