Tips to make your living seem bigger

Do you want to know some small tricks to make your living seem bigger? Let's see a few decorative tips to make your living room look bigger. The space that we have usually can not vary but some decorative decisions can create a sense of spaciousness as others can achieve the opposite.

Small living 1

Unify all the living space using a light color It will give us a great sense of spaciousness. It is also important respect the proportion of furniture , that its size does not drown the space.

Small living 13

The neighboring spaces have a significant impact on the design of the living rooms. Before deciding on a color scheme, first you have to take into account the colors of the other rooms visible from the living room . Here, the light blue of the lounge combines perfectly with the navy blue of the dining room since both are painted in different shades of the same color.

Small living 12

Try that the Wall decoration have a personal touch and that his color palette combines and coordinates with the colors used to decorate the living room.

Small living 11

The furniture , such as chairs, armchairs and sofas Elevated floors create a feeling of more space , much more than solid furniture upholstered to the ground.

Small living 10

The sisal carpet was cut to fit the entire surface of the living room, so that the floor is a uniform surface and gives the feeling of being wider.

Small living 9

The televisions they are essential in a living, but we can get more out of it by using them as decorative image projectors . For this we only have to connect some electronic storage device.

Small living 8

Small living 7

Small living 6

The storage is another important factor when it comes to making our living seem bigger, if we have everything collected and ordered the space will always give a feeling of being wider. Decorated boxes, an ottoman with storage capacity are some of the ideas that will allow us to have storage space in a living room, even if it is small.

Small living 5

Small living 4

Small living 3

In the three images above we can see the huge game that can be taken out Mirrors in a small living room. Increase lighting, expand the space and allow the eye to be lost on the horizon are some of the advantages that mirrors bring us in any space.

Small living 2

One way to unify space is paint the walls and ceiling in the same color but in different shades, lighter for the ceiling . If there is a molding on the ceiling it will be interesting to paint it in a tone a bit stronger than the wall. We will separate the spaces in a soft way that will give depth.


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