Tips to have your shelves well organized

The shelves offer us a lot of storage space but we must take into account some issues so that the shelves are practical and also look beautiful. Avoiding clutter is essential so that they do not give a bad impression and a proper use will allow them to be aesthetic.

Tips for organizing shelves 1

Combining a distribution of books and magazines vertically and horizontally creates a beautiful effect and also allows for more storage space, although horizontal stacks should not exceed the height of books or magazines placed vertically. It is important to take into account the heights, so from the height of our eyes down we will place the most used things and we will reserve the high areas, more uncomfortable to use, for the objects of less use. Leave the backs of books and magazines on the outside for easy location.

Tips for organizing shelves 2

Sorting journals in chronological order is an excellent way to have them sorted, placing the oldest editions on the bottom of the stack.

Tips for organizing shelves 3

We can reserve a small space for objects with sentimental value or simply apply practical solutions for everyday objects. Here a simple brick has become an excellent support for umbrellas.

Tips for organizing shelves 4

Boxes and baskets are a good and practical option to keep all those small objects that we accumulate.

Tips for organizing shelves 5

In this game room the shelves fulfill the main function of offering enough space for the storage of the toys. In the lower part it was left hollow to store the small ottomans.

Tips for organizing shelves 6

It highlights on this occasion the strong contrast between the white space that surrounds the television and the small shelves that make up the rest of the furniture.

Tips for organizing shelves 7

The customized shelves adapted to a specific use allow us to enjoy greater storage capacity occupying less space. This is what happens with this bookcase designed for a music lover. It has the necessary holes to store records and the music equipment.

Tips for organizing shelves 8

This bookcase also has a very specific function, separating the rooms from the room in a simple and open way.


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