Tips to have a less toxic decoration

It seems that little by little we are becoming more aware of the environmental aspect of our homes. Our house is part of that environment in which we live and as such we must treat it in a sustainable way. In the decoration of our house we can opt for some materials or others and people are increasingly concerned that these materials are not harmful to your health or health of the plant.

Less toxic decoration

one.- One of the tasks that we usually undertake with great ease and that can most affect the health of our house is painting. The paintings that we must use if we are concerned about our health and the sustainability of the planet are the paintings free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), in this acronym enter all the solvents that appear in most of the paintings, benzene, toluene, nitrobenzene and many others. We will also prefer light-colored paints, need fewer chemical components to achieve color, and a satin finish, since glossy paints require a greater amount of chemical compounds to achieve brightness.

two.- Removing excess paint is also important. A simple way to do this is to pour the paint that has been left over on cat litter, let it dry and then throw it away. The cans will be thrown into the container container.

3.- The choice of the sofa is another fundamental point in the task of achieving a less toxic home. We will avoid leather sofas because in the pickling of the skin chemical products as undesirable as chromium are used. Better to choose a sofa upholstered in some natural fiber that has not been treated with any flame retardant or anti-stain product.

4.- Prefer laminated kitchen tops over stone countertops. They are lighter, cheaper and are considered a sustainable option by qualified organizations.

5.- The thermal curtains are as elegant as the currents but they are made in special fabrics that allow an energy saving of 20%. They protect in addition to the UVA rays and the air currents in winter.

6.- The mattress is another element that can contain volatile chemical products, we will opt for the latex over other artificial foams.


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