Tips to decorate the bathroom

At the time of planning the decoration of our bathroom we are always asked several questions and even more when we not only talk about decorating it but also design it to build it.

Tips to decorate the bathroom 1

It is a challenge to which we often do not respond in the right way. We ignore important details that may seem minimal or unimportant at first. That is why today we will try to give you some tips to take into account when we dedicate ourselves to this special stay of our home: bathroom .
Decorating the bathroom is much more than the shower, the sink, the toilet and the bidet. It is more than those simple and basic artifacts that can not be missing.
Thinking about a shower or shower, nothing happens other than choosing the design of our water fall or faucet, there are other things we should think. For example, the size of the receptacle for it, the height, how far reaches the water that will be splashed when using it; or what design to choose to favor cleaning and thus avoid uncomfortable spaces in which germs can easily lodge.
Many times it is convenient that the space for the shower is larger to avoid splashing and we can even find a way to avoid the classic plastic shower curtains that always, inevitably, combine fungi and bacteria.
The above is just an example of the things you must analyze when choosing to decorate or design your bathroom. That's why before you start you should ask yourself a series of questions that will serve as the basis for everything else. For example:
Who will use the bathroom? How many people will use it daily? Are there adequate storage places for extra toilet paper rolls, extra towels and toothpaste, etc. ?

Tips to decorate the bathroom 2

This is essential when thinking about our bathroom. The answers to these questions can be seen decorating, size, design, furniture, etc. You can also define how many mirrors to place, what kind of ventilation you will add to prevent the fog or vapor from accumulating.
The aspect of extra storage is something you can not ignore. Having a space to store extra towels, toilet paper, soap and other personal hygiene items is essential. Think about what it would be like for your guests to go into the bathroom and finish the toilet paper ... a bad time.
Other things you can consider is, for example, if you put two sinks; place screens or glass doors; type and size of mirrors and shelves; you can analyze if it is convenient to make a skylight; place a towel rack with heating so that the towels dry quickly; what type of floor you will place; what kind of storage furniture, etc.
In short, a series of aspects that are worth taking into account before spending our money.
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