Tips to decorate in a house with children

Decorating a house where young children live does not have to be impossible or prohibited. They are members of the family and we can not wait for them to grow to decorate the house to our liking. There are solutions for everything and with a little common sense we can adapt the decoration to the little ones without having to give up the things we like.

Decoration with children 1

The washable covers are a great invention that will allow us to enjoy good chairs and furniture without being behind the children with the cloth in hand. If they get dirty then to the washing machine and ready.

Decoration with children 2

Choose easy to maintain furniture and fabrics that can be washed, that are resistant and durable. There is a wide range of fabrics with special treatments to repel stains. It will be an option to consider for both curtains and carpets and upholstered furniture.

Decoration with children 3

Being aware that things are ephemeral, that they do not last forever will free us from disappointments and anger. However precocious a fabric, a piece of furniture or any decorative object, nothing is not something that is going to be eternal.

Decoration with children 4

What you have to keep in mind is that children can not be harmed, take precautions by placing decorative objects that can break out of reach and take all precautions so that they can not be hurt by sources of heat and electricity.

Decoration with children 5

Changing the coffee table for an upholstered ottoman will be a good way to prevent children from getting hurt.

Decoration with children 6

Dedicating a space as an art gallery for the works of children will make them feel good, integrated into the family and valued for their works.

Decoration with children 7

Give them areas and storage elements will teach them to be responsible with their things and to collaborate in the good presence of the house.

Decoration with children 8

If you are very concerned about what your children can do with the furniture, then decide for furniture that is easy to replace and that does not upset your economy excessively.

Decoration with children 9

In the areas of the house most exposed to abuse by children, the recipient for example, choose to use washable paints and fabrics.


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