Tips to create a sense of spaciousness

Taking advantage of what we have is a basic principle in decoration, with these simple tips we can create spaces in our home that will convey a pleasant sense of spaciousness. The amplitude of a room does not give it exclusively the number of square meters it has. Sometimes even a large badly decorated room can produce an unpleasant oppression.

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A classic resource, especially used in dining rooms, but as effective as the first day, placing mirrors in any room will create a sense of depth and enormous breadth.

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A huge and soft sofa will eat all the space in a small living room but if we fall on the opposite, place only small furniture, it will look like a miniature living room. The solution is found in a wise combination of large and small furniture.

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Instead of filling a bedroom with a king-size bed, it is better to opt for a narrower bed and instead of small tables, adapt spaces on the wall and fixtures for lighting.

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A large lamp better than several small ones and crystals that cover the entire wall will create a wide and luminous space of great amplitude.

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The low sofas are the most suitable for a small living room and combined with a good work of art and a point of light will create an environment of strong personality.

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White and neutral colors reveal the dimensions of a space. On the other hand, black and other colors in dark tones create shadow spaces that blur the perception of the real size of a room.

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In a studio with a large window in one of the walls will help to focus the view in this bright space that the surrounding walls are painted in dark tones. Do not forget when we use black or other very dark shades create reflective spaces with mirrors, points of light or lacquered surfaces.


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