Tips for designing the bathroom

Designing a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one can be a difficult and expensive project. Although it is small, a bathroom requires more decisions per square meter than any other room in the house. The creation of a functional and attractive bathroom is more than just the selection of beautiful finishes, it also means making the space accessible and safe. Let us always keep in mind that next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the stay of the house with the highest rate of domestic accidents.

Bathroom design tips

The first point to take into account will be the place where the bathroom should go if we are building our house. If we are facing a remodeling this will have less importance since we are limited by the water inlets and the points of exit of waste.

The door of a small bathroom can steal a lot of space, we will try to open it out or we will choose a sliding door that will avoid losing space unnecessarily.

The shower It must also have minimum dimensions not less than 75 x 75 cm and 2 meters high. Although the tendency is to be greater. If it has a hinged door, it must open outwards for safety. Well, if someone vanishes in the shower it would be very difficult to remove it if the door opened inwards.

The sink It should be placed in a place where it is possible to bend to the tap without the possibility of hitting your head with a cabinet or wall. You must also have enough lateral space to maneuver safely.

The toilet You should also have enough free space around for your use to be comfortable. A surface of 38 x 45 cm is the minimum area for installation.

The free space or area of ​​mobility in front of the different parts of the bathroom, sink, bathtub and toilet must be at least 50 cm and fente to the shower this free space will be at least 60 cm.

The electrical installation must follow the specific regulations for wet areas and meet all the requirements for our own safety. Also the ventilation It is a factor to take into account so if the bathroom does not have a window to the outside we will install a forced air extraction system.


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