Tips for designing an Asian style garden

The Asian gardens They stand out for their careful decoration and their details full of charm that make these magical places. Decorating the garden following some guidelines of this style is a fresh and original way of giving another air to the outdoor spaces. We show you some ideas so that you can arrange in your own home a room with the most classic Zen style.

Asian style garden 1

If we have the possibility to add a small roof where the beams stand out, we will obtain an aspect very typical of Balinese architecture. As for the painting, the green color It is very appropriate for these environments, for associating with nature. The Red It is also very associated with the typical oriental constructions.

Asian style garden 2

One of the most characteristic decorative details of oriental culture are the lanterns and paper lamps . Their main mission is to illuminate, decorating with a very successful style that recreates this millenary tradition.

Asian style garden 3

Asian style garden 4

Another aspect that distinguishes this type of space is the furniture . We can take advantage of old furniture and recycle them using new cushions and cushions, looking for absolute comfort. In the Asian style, flexible furniture abounds, built with materials ranging from rattan to bamboo or hemp.

Asian style garden 5

Asian style garden 6

To top off this decoration, let's not forget the hanging basketry and the presence of abundant and leafy plants , used as a centerpiece or to accompany the set. Succulents, for example, are plants that adapt very well to these spaces. Finally, to enjoy the greatest possible comfort while barefoot, do not forget to include a cloth carpet on the floor of the enclosure, which will also help maintain the temperature when temperatures begin to drop.

Asian style garden 7

Asian style garden 8


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