Tips for decorating a rented space

Living in a flat or a house for rent does not necessarily mean that you should give up decorating it to your liking. You can and should do it if you plan to live in that place for a certain time. But first you must inform yourself well of the legislation in your country or region of residence. You must also inform the owner of what you intend to do, prepare a small dossier or project with the decoration that you are going to carry out will allow you to inform him correctly and thus you will not have any problem.

Decorate a rented house 1

In most places you can freely paint the walls of your rented house, and we already know that the painting It is a simple transformation but of great decorative importance. The right color on the walls and a coat of paint if the home has a slightly deteriorated carpentry will create a great effect with very little outlay.

Decorating a rented house 2

A proper look can bring out the best in each space. Combinations of color and differentiation of materials They are small details that will help us create a personal space.

Decorating a rented house 3

Simple but practical ideas like this DIY shelving made with wooden planks and metal pipes of plumbing are easy to carry out and also removable if we want to take them when leaving the house.

Decorating a rented house 4

The vinyl and wallpaper They are economic products that can help us greatly customize and decorate the home to our liking.

Decorating a rented house 5

Pay special attention to the Small spaces , a few touches will bring the feeling of living space to our rented home.

Decorating a rented house 6

Decorating a rented house 7

Above the fireplace there is a mirror that the young man who lives in this house for rent has covered with the impression of a photograph on canvas. It's an original way to cover something you do not like. On the sides of the fireplace incorporated a linear design made with paint and adhesive tape.

Decorating a rented house 8

A small work zone in the bedroom, metal shelves according to the style of the desk and on the wall cork panels fixed to the wall with industrial velcro. An easily reversible way to fix any decorative accessory on the wall.


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