Tips for decorating a basement (II)

We continue with the pertinent advice to the decoration of a basement that we started a few weeks ago. We had to deal with some issues such as the layout, the floor or even the curtains, which you already know how important they are in the decoration themes!

Decorative tips for the basement 1

The disposition

This point is really important. One relates a basement with a storage room and is often limited to putting furniture that has no place in other parts of the house or using the space of basement as a sort of warehouse for broken or unusable junk. This is the first error to avoid. If you want a good radiant basement you have to treat it like any other room in the house. If you know what you want to use, bring the right furniture. You could, for example, create conversation flows with two sofas.

Decorative tips for the basement 2

A well-decorated basement can be as cozy a space as any other; This one with feminine touches is coquettish, nice ... and you would never say that it is a basement!


Something must be taken into account when choosing the floor of the basement which is very important: humidity. Most basements tend to be a bit damp, so we must discard the wood if this is our case, because in the long run it would be completely destroyed by the water, which would expand and deform it. There are other very interesting options to consider perfectly at the height of the wood (vinyl, laminate, tiles, etc.). As additional advice, it should be added that the floor must have continuity. That is, if you opt for vinyl, put the whole floor the same. The changes create a sense of disordered space and, without doubt, constitute a visual break, unless you know how to combine it very well.

Of course, carpets are very welcome, although you should be careful with mold because of the humidity.


Just as we have talked about the provision of a basement It must be as respected as in the rest of the rooms in the house, the windows, despite their size, fall into that feature: they are as important as the windows of any other room. The curtains are an amazing decoration treatment, do not waste it!

Decorative tips for the basement 3

Use art to dress the boring walls of the basement. The color of these paintings is mixed with the walls and furniture creating a relaxing and cohesive space.


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